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App Store ratings and reviews are important. But how do you leverage good ratings and reviews on your WordPress app marketing web site?

You could check the app store, read through reviews, and copy and paste the good ones over to your WordPress site. But that would take time. Why spend your valuable time doing that?

Use your time growing your business and let the App Reviews Plugin highlight your best App Store reviews for you. Setup in 5 minutes or less – zero maintenance after that. While you’re spending your time on the right things, the App Reviews Plugin is showing your visitors how much users love your app in the iOS App Store.

How important are your positive app reviews?

Users do pay attention to your app ratings. They read your app reviews. And they will download if they see your best ratings & reviews. Always make sure that they see your app’s best side with App Reviews Plugin.

What some of our customers say about the App Reviews plugin:

My experience with App Reviews has been Exceptional –  Ideas for improvements were quickly implemented and the plugin is absolutely beautiful and responsive on my site.



So good that I bought the Business license


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App Reviews has enabled us to display reviews from the app store without knowledge of code. Adding the review section to the page takes no time at all – and i can now rest assured my visitors will always see the most up to date, relevant reviews.


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